The Best You EXPO

9 Rooms. 9 Core Ways To Become The Best YOU.​

Let Us Help You Master the 9 Forms of Personal and Professional Development To Become The Best YOU. 


March 3, 4, 5 | 10AM-6PM | 150+ Speakers | LA Convention Center or Online


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Self-Development starts with YOU.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get help on your way.


Why figure it out all by yourself for 3 years when you can learn it from experienced mentors who can teach you in 3 days?

🧠 After 3 Days At The Best You Expo,
You Would Have Learned To...

✅ Master Self-Actualization and Manifestation

✅ Fast-track Your Entrepreneurship Journey

✅ Get In Touch with Your Spirituality and Advance Further In This Realm

✅ Reprogram Your Heart and Mind for Success and Fulfillment

✅ Supercharge Then Skyrocket Your Career

✅ Master Love, Vibration, and Connection

✅ Transform Your Passion Into Profit

✅ Unlock Your Feminine Power

✅ Empower Yourself with Meditation, Yoga, and Healing

✅ And A Lot More!

Life-Changing Learnings,
Powerful Networking

9 Personal and Professional Development Rooms. 


150 World-class Speakers. 


500+ Actionable Lessons. 


Thousands of attendees, including high-net-worth business owners, high-ranking career persons, passionate students, and more!


Guaranteed main stage and front row seats. Lunch, tea, and coffee. PLUS $10,000 value goody bag. PLUS In-person VIP access to main stage speakers, video recordings of all sessions, more.


General admission benefits.

PLUS video recordings of all sessions.

PLUS $2,000 digital goody bag.


Live or Online Tickets.

Access to all 9 stages in 9 rooms. Seats on a first come first served basis.

$0 while supplies last.

Here's A Taste Of The Best You Expo 2023 👇​

🧲 How To Attract Abundance: Clearing Your Energy Field – NLP and the Law of Attraction​

🤫 Learn the Step by Step Process of How To Create A Successful Coaching Business​

🕯️ Spiritual Power: Energy Healing, Made Easy and How to Connect To Your Source​

❌ 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Don’t Realize They’re Limiting Their Results​​

🧠 Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth, Health Success, and Happiness ​

🔥 How To Self Actualize Like The Top 1%​

🎬 Find Your Voice then Profit from its Power​

🎤 Use Podcasting To Build Your Business, Public Speaking Masterclass​​

✨ Charisma On Command: 7 Secrets For Inspiring Anyone To Believe What You Say & Do What You Want Without Lying, Cheating or Stealing​

🧐 How To Read Anyone Instantly: Face Reading, Body Language & Behavior Exposed!​

🤍 Let Love Flow: Healing Trauma & Karma Through The Power of Love​

💰 8 Elements to Hit 8 Figures: Millionaire Mindset

💚 Here’s How To Create Emotional Wealth

📊 5 Ways To Get Unstuck and Launch Your Next Career Move​

🧞‍♂️ Confidence & The Manifestation of Dreams and Visions​​

💫 Speed Healing: How to Help Eliminate Physical or Emotional Pain in Minutes​

🍜 Eat Like a Queen, Look Like a Goddess

🤑 3 Ways to Elevate Your Marketing & Sales Game in 2023

🥇 Guerrilla Publicity: How to Get More Prospects and Profits​

🧠 The Power of your Brain, in the Palm of your Hand – The Future of Neuroscience is NOW​

🚀 Emotional Self-Validation To Take You from Mediocrity to Extraordinariness​​


⏰ The Best You Expo Starts In...​


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