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Ana Teresa Dengo
las vegas

Ana Teresa Dengo


Retiring after more than three decades of working in the international field, during which time she served as a diplomat in Washington DC and New York and as Ambassador to seven countries in Europe and to the United Nations, she is currently an independent consultant and writer. Transitioning from such an active professional life to retirement was challenging but Ms. Dengo reengineered herself, tapping into her own experience and skills to help people who had had very active careers, to rediscover, redesign or rewrite their next chapter in life and identify ways to continue making a difference and providing contributions to the world after leaving their jobs. In addition, given her deep knowledge of the United Nations system, she has helped several international organizations to reengineer themselves to meet the new world challenges. With a background in Industrial Engineering and Public Administration, she uses her expertise to help people and organizations to apply reengineering practices to identify and move into the next chapter of their life or business. An avid student of metaphysics, she taps into her spiritual counselors to enhance the reengineering processes and helps people to do the same. She has also trained in several holistic energy balancing methods, including emotional freedom technique (EFT), Feng Shui, reiki and Hawaiian spiritual practices. She speaks several languages and has visited 78 countries. She has been a speaker at many international conferences on peace-related matters and women leadership. She co-authored A Search for Purpose, from the Best-Selling Series Wake Up and Live the Life You Love. Her book Turn the Page: how to create, embrace and step into the next chapter of your life, through where she describes practical steps for peopl reached Amazon best seller status in seven different countries and in five languages. She currently has a contract and is working on another book.

I will be speaking at:

Day 2 - 4:30 pm

How Our Spiritual Counselors Can Enhance Our Reengineering Process

Passion to profit (Las Vegas)