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Deborah Myers
las vegas

Deborah Myers


A certified Acupressurist, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, author, speaker, and wellness coach, Deborah Myers helps people get and stay healthy. Since 1995, she has worked one-on-one with clients utilizing light, gentle touch to reduce stress, relieve pain, and bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. Deborah is on a mission to teach others how they can be partners with their own bodies. Through all her expertise and programs, Deborah has helped thousands of people of all ages discover how to take charge of their own health. She founded Deborah Myers Wellness to treat, educate, inspire, and empower participants to achieve balance and integrated health. She developed workshops, workplace wellness programs, and programs for kids in their classrooms and their homes. All sessions and programs are now available virtually as well as in person. Deborah created an animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow®, a nine-step self-help acupressure flow. She has written accompanying books that offer clear explanations and colorful illustrations. Deborah is a featured instructor with Humanity’s Team, a global transformational educational organization. Deborah developed the virtual Productive Mindfulness School Program to optimize learning and make life easier for everyone – kids, teachers, and parents. Her program, designed for K-8 students, empowers kids to step into an easy-to-do daily practice that will create calm, increase focus, balance emotions, and boost self-confidence even during distance learning. The practical self-help tools help them succeed at home or school with resilience and grit.

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