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LaMonte Wilcox and McKelle Wilcox
las vegas

LaMonte Wilcox and McKelle Wilcox


LaMonte and his daughter McKelle are the founders of Fulfill Life Yourself(FLY). After helping over 500 clients with mental struggles and over a 90% satisfaction rate the FLY model is quickly becoming the go to program for mental wellness and parenting. It is a way to apply the proven principles of high level success and performance to transform mental struggles into powerful attributes of achievement. With this high success rate many other methods, programs, and modalities are obsolete. If what you have been doing, whether it’s traditional therapy and medications, or dietary adjustments and supplements, or all the many alternative methods, and you, your children, or your partner are still suffering and aren’t experiencing a life of true fulfillment, come learn about the FLY Method. And if you don’t struggle with any of these ailments, what would you want to reprogram in your life to experience the life fulfillment you currently don’t believe is possible. If this could have major results for those struggling on high levels of mental suffering, imagine how much it could impact you and your success. With this model, parents realize that they are in the best position to help their children overcome debilitating mental struggles and have an unheard of resilience to challenges. This is a must have skill set that will give you and your children the ability to thrive no matter their situation!

I will be speaking at:

Day 1 - 3:00 pm

Today’s Relationships and Parenting + Technology = Mental Health issues: Must Have Skills For Parents

Masters, mentors and influencers (Las Vegas)