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Lorry Leigh Belhumeur
las vegas

Lorry Leigh Belhumeur


Dr. Lorry Leigh Belhumeur is a renowned leader in the field of mental health, with over 30 years of experience serving children and their families. As a licensed psychologist, Ph. D, and leader in the nonprofit sector addressing mental health and wellness for children, youth and their families Dr. Lorry has been a driving force behind the implementation of various evidence-based practices and strategies for buffering the impact of trauma and the effects of the toxic stress response, as well as building resilience. Dr. Lorry was an early adopter of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) framework in her local community, which she continues to use as a context for understanding and addressing mental health needs. She has been recognized as a subject matter expert and is frequently sought out for speaking engagements and training on the topics of building resilience, ACEs and trauma-informed care, as well as finding your purpose.

I will be speaking at:

Day 2 - 11:00 am

Mastering Resilience

Inspiration zone (Las Vegas)