15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021


Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs

All Excellerated programs and products utilize a revolutionary teaching method “Excellerated Learning” that delivers more information in less time. Due to the Pandemic, we have pivoted to online programs based on our teachings. As soon as we can get back to live programs, we will! Until then, you are welcome to join us every Friday 5 pm at: www.FridaysWithDoria.com You can also continue (or start) your entrepreneurial education with our Access To Cash Online Course: www.MoneyandYou.com/Access!

Based on over 41 years of extensive research and development into the strategies and winning formulas of the world’s best entrepreneurs, investors and fastest-growing companies, we have identified why some people are more successful financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically and enjoy greater quality of life, than others. We deliver this information to you – as a money-making system – with the promise of lasting, life-long change.

Excellerated Programs will change your life…

Not through simply watching and listening – you learn through actually experiencing and applying this wealth-building knowledge – right there and then as you participate. Begin implementing this life-changing information immediately.

Significant changes can happen today… Traditional educational environments typically bombard you with information and motivate learning via individual competition, – who’s smarter-than-whom – and the fear of failure. Our interactive learning process allows you to use what you learn today.

Excellerated‘s goal is for you to achieve your business and personal goals. We offer the tools and customized strategies to make your DREAMS come true!

We’ve helped thousands of industry leaders, influential experts, and extraordinary people from all over the world create the wealth and the life they deserve. Attend a Money & You ® and you’ll experience a transformational change in your “relationship” with money. Grads are always welcome for Free at any Money & You® Program around the world!


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