15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021


The Question

Bernardo is the founder of The Best You. He is officially launching his new book The Question at #TheBestYouEXPO. Get your signed copy or sign up to his new e-course. “The Power Of The Question”. The book combines a mix of practical and emotional content including. It follows the highs and lows of real life experience to help inspire readers, giving them practical information to help them discover their true purpose in life, and the confidence to go and pursue it.

Bernardo too read a book that inspired him and now has very unique insight into the flaws of ‘personal development’ world that so many are benefiting from. There are 6 chapters in total, and an Introduction which sets out my manifesto.

In the book he covers

  • The Current State Of Affairs
  • Greatness, success, fulfilment and passion
  • What it takes. The Three Pillars to succeed
  • You. Building You Up. A Better You.
  • Revolution and Re-invention
  • Your Body
  • Your Spirit
  • Your True Purpose
  • The Questions To Ask Yourself
  • The World


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