Amy Lin

Amy was born in Taiwan and her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was thirteen years old. Growing up in a family of educators, she has learned the value of contribution at a very young age. Her desire to contribute provides extraordinary values and is the foundation of her personal philosophy which allowed her to create long lasting relationships in both her personal and professional life.

Her life’s purpose is to help others to become the best versions of themselves through personal development. Her personal development journey started after a breakup from a long term relationship and during that time she felt broken and lost. That’s when she made a decision to start investing in herself and to find out who she truly was. She got involved in many personal development seminars, from walking on fire to jumping out from an airplane. But It wasn’t until after she saw Bob Proctor, her most recent mentor on stage sharing about human potential and the secret formula for success, that she decided to follow her passion. She made a decision to share the success formula with as many people as possible.

She became a consultant with Bob Proctor and within a short period of six month time she became top 1% of consultants in the world to achieve Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle Member status in the world. After being mentored by Bob for 18 months, she created her own coaching company called The Opulent Academy, a results based organization with educational programs that focus on the power of the mind. She teaches people what it means to live an opulent life and how to tap into their infinite potential so they too can achieve the results they truly desire through a systemic approach.

She recently was invited as a speaker to speak at the Best You Expo, the biggest personal development event in the world. She was also featured as a speaker on Amazon Prime Video SpeakUP, sharing her personal journey how she created the quantum leap in her own life following six simple steps. She is also currently working on publishing two books where she will be sharing her journey with the intent to inspire more people to follow their passion and to start living an opulent life.


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