Ileanna Simancas

Ileanna Simancas

I am an inspirational author and a motivational speaker, facilitator of holistic therapies, and Yoga Life Coach specialized in designing and producing trips for women, as well as retreats, courses and workshops for personal development, yoga and meditation, where I open spaces for connection and provide the physical, cognitive and spiritual support you need in your purpose’s search; using philosophical and therapeutic tools from Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga, breathing, ancestral work and the Genetic Keys, as well as other holistic therapies, both from the East and the West, in order to walk with you during times of crisis, conflict and transformation, or simply in your continuous personal and spiritual development, both in private practice and in group setting.

Born in Venezuela, but later settled in the United States, Colombia, Spain, Bali and India, I am what they call a citizen of the world. My passion for knowledge, the exotic and the love of traveling led me to live abroad from a young age; studying Journalism in Colombia, and then obtaining in California a BA in United States History, as well as attending a Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. I am currently continuing my formal education with a Master’s degree in Holistic Psychology. Although in my professional life I also hold credits as an actress, producer and content creator, today I am a dedicated traveler with purpose in permanent construction, investing half of my days in the search for the answer to a simple and complex question: Who am I?

The truth is that I am a woman of bi’s: bilingual, bisexual, bicultural and there have always been two opposite poles that coexist within me: the woman who wants stability and family and the one who wants to live in constant movement and expansion.

Since 2002, when I started my yoga practice, and with more emphasis after my first pilgrimage trip to India 6 years later, my spiritual search has become paramount in my life, dedicating precious time to the study of yoga philosophy, Buddhism and Hinduism, taking me to live in sacred places such as Bali and India. It was from this personal experiences that my entrepreneurial vein emanated and Lilith’s Travel was born; a travel organizer agency for women, dedicated to create trips with purpose and unforgettable experiences to special destinations in order to inspire, guide and empower women thru the adventure of travel, and the “yogi” philosophy of life, and thus pave their path towards the discovery of the self.

At the same time, I have developed Lilith’s Virtual Ashram, an online study and contemplation center, so that the adventure to the inner self does not end on the arrival home, nor is it limited to escaping on a plane, creating at the same time strong ties with a tribe of like-minded females that support one another in their continuous transformation.

But that long list only sums up what I do, until today my answer to who am I? it is much simpler than that:
“I am a soul in constant evolution and a body specialized in reinvention”.


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