Lara Jaye

Leaders around the globe seek Lara Jaye for a unique strategic edge to keep up with their fast paced life. By combining energy healing and utilizing an ancient, yet sacred healing method that speaks directly to your soul (Light Language), Lara provides a profound shift to a life of flow, being-ness, clarity, and power. Lara has dedicated her life to studying, understanding and communicating with the unseen. It’s a gift she’s had since birth. This world holds the answers to our most burning questions and desires. Tapping into this energy and making a choice from this space fosters extraordinary balance and extreme clarity. Lara is a master of reading this unseen world of energy that contains the blueprint that drives your relationships, financial stress or success, choices, and health. By releasing stuck energy (imprints, beliefs, patterns, entities, and spirits) from yourself, your home and even your business—-your dream can become your reality. Lara Jaye is an International Intuitive Energy Healer, Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and Podcast Host. She is a Butler University graduate, coaching certified, and Reiki Master/Teacher.


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