David & Merlina Chocarro


David & Merlina Chocarro

Merlina and David Chocarro are brothers, but they have also had a project in common for a year: to disseminate material for the prevention of violence through books, videos, and talks.

Merlina is a graphic designer, she works at the Popular Library of Matheu Nuestra América, where she coordinates a space called Círculo de Mujeres, which consists of monthly meetings in which different topics are discussed with the aim of ending violent bonding models. In 2020 he published the book “I don’t want this anymore.” It is an illustrated book to detect and prevent gender violence. On the web mercheditora.ar the PDF version can be downloaded free of charge and short videos are also offered on the YouTube channel MerCh Editora for reflection.

David is an actor, producer, and director with more than 10 years of experience in Miami, together with his wife, Carolina Laursen, they promote theater, film, and television projects from their own company LaursenChocarro Corp.
David has worldwide recognition for his performances in countless soap operas and series that are box office on different platforms. Regarding the issue of violence prevention, it is actively involved to end this scourge.

David and Merlina will talk about the experiences that leave marks that are revealed in our performance as adults. These reflections will aim to deactivate the “automatic” that condemns us to repeat history, even when we do not have that intention. We will discuss a possible way to prevent violence by examining how we learn and teach self-care and boundaries.

Charla “Ganar conciencia para erradicar la violencia de nuestras vidas”

Panel la mujer en el siglo XXI

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