Tony Boldi

Tony Boldi

As the Founder and CEO of Lifeforce Foundations, which is a For-Cause Organization focused upon Global and Local Social Concerns, Tony is deeply committed to not only using his talents to amuse and entertain, but as well offer something back to the world. His accolades are almost too numerous to enumerate, but the numerous awards and honors he has received include the Official People’s Mayor of Hollywood.

He continues to grow the vast network he has accumulated over the decades as the West Coast Director of Acquisitions for Blairwood Entertainment, as well as becoming the Director of Celebrity Memberships with a top PR/events firm called F.A.M.E. (located in Hollywood, California). Before taking this position, he was the General Broadcasting Manager of the WCOBM network; while there, he brought in the legendary Pat O’Brien to anchor. He produced, directed, and created two original series at the network: The Hollywood Review and Afternoon Delight.

Tony started his career as a drummer turned celebrity DJ, getting his big break while working for Mary Jo Slatter in Casting at MGM. As a drummer, Tony has performed with countless celebrities and even won a 2002 Armenian Grammy for best music video of the year; he also won the 1998 New York Film Festival’s best new film of the year award.

Additionally, he was the stage director for the 34th Key Art Awards at the famous Academy Awards Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. Tony has managed and taught acting to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has dealt in everything from financing feature films to directing, writing, producing, editing, and selling his projects from start to finish.

Long before he made his mark in Hollywood, Tony was a candidate for the West Point Academy and received a full ride scholarship to the learning institution of his choice; he chose Western Michigan University, where his mother was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

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