14TH – 16TH JANUARY 2021


Barbie Layton
As so many, after two decades of successfully working a traditional job in the United States and South Korea, Barbie…
Bernardo Moya
Bernardo is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development.…
Chelsea Laine (Willenberg)
Chelsea Collie is an Empowerment Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Real Estate Investor & Author. Chelsea is the Founder & CEO of…
Doria Cordova
CEO / Owner of Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You® Program – the organization that brought to the world…

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini
Dr. Fab Mancini is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor, Hay House’s international best-selling author of…
Dr. Lizi Rodriguez
¿Quién es LIZI RODRÍGUEZ? Reconocida psicóloga clínica, terapeuta, coach ontológica, team coach, escritora, conductora de radio y televisión y conferencista…
Eduardo Masse
En español: Eduardo Massé, líder en transformación organizacional que cuenta con más de una década de experiencia trabajando como director…
Elizabeth Rodríguez León
Su formación profesional es de Sobrecargo de Aviación. Comienza contacto con PNL, Desarrollo Personal e Inteligencia Emocional y encuentra su…

Gloria Natalia
Hi my name is Gloria Natalia I’m 77 years young, I feel better now than ever have, I truly believe…
Ileanna Simancas
¿Quién soy yo? ¿Qué hago? Podría contarte la historia de mi vida aquí, pero la verdad es muy larga y…
Ismael Cala
Ismael Cala is an author and international speaker on leadership and personal development. For more than five years he hosted the…

Katia Rave
Katia Ravé is a Business Strategy Coach who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to enroll more clients, make more…
Mabel Iam
The power to inspire, create and motivate is what drives Mabel Iam every day. Mabel Iam is an author of…
Mabel Katz
Mabel Katz is an author, public speaker, and internationally acclaimed seminar leader, and world peace ambassador. Despite the success of…
Ridgely Goldsborough
Author and International Speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, believes in solving problems and taking complex topics and making sense out of them.…

Vicky Schettini
I am Vicky Schettini and I am here to show you WHAT FINANCIAL FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE.

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