15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021

7th August 14:00

Discover Your Mind Type: Express Your Authentic Self to Attract Great Clients to Your Business!

Passion to Profit

Great clients create a great business. You don’t want bad clients. They drain you, sap your energy and resources and generally make life miserable for everyone. So how do you attract only great ones? Express who YOU are, fully, authentically and genuinely so that you invite people to make a decision in your favor. Forget trying to figure out what you think “they” want to hear. Express what you believe and what you stand for to become a giant magnet for all those who resonate with you. It is so much more powerful and you’ll never get a bad client again! Want to learn how? Join Ridgely Goldsborough, creator of Mind Types, to learn how brain biology can give you ninja powers of influence over your prospects and clients. Mind-blowing.