15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021

6th August 11:00

How to Survive and Thrive After Breakup and Divorce Workshop

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Have you been left devastated after a break-up? Are you struggling to cope with a divorce? Do you still feel stuck and unable to move forward with your life? If so this workshop is for YOU!

Sara Davison, aka The Divorce Coach, is an entertaining speaker and well known media expert in the UK on heartbreak, separation and divorce. She has combined her 20 years of coaching expertise with her own personal divorce experience to create a tool kit of information that will help you cope with any break-up. Expect to have your perception of break-ups challenged and flipped on its head!

This workshop will be packed full of easy to use techniques and strategies that will change how you feel in a heartbeat. Learn how to banish heartbreak for good, how to let go of your ex, how to deal with betrayal and how to manage conflict and help your kids through the process too.

She will also share the 3 Secrets to thriving after a break-up and show you how to create a future you are excited to live. An empowering and transformation workshop, book now!

Revolutionising the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events, Sara’s quest to banish the stigma surrounding divorce and prove that the end of a relationship can be the most empowering, life-affirming event to ever happen to you, is fast catching-on.

Sara Davison, best known as ‘The Divorce Coach’ is an award-winning authority on break-ups, divorce and life empowerment. A twice bestselling author, Sara’s empathetic and holistic coaching style empowers individuals to take back control of their lives in every area and realise their full potential. She works with men and women around the world to redesign their lives just the way they want them and transform tough times into a future they are excited to live.

An NLP Master Practitioner and qualified hypnotherapist, Sara combines 20 years’ coaching experience together with her own personal experience of marriage breakdown to help clients cope with challenges including heartbreak, betrayal, conflict, confidence building, co-parenting, being effective in the workplace during divorce and dating again. Coaching is tailored to suit a client’s lifestyle needs, with options ranging from private coaching at Sara’s clinic, home visits and online video courses to the immersive group environment on her highly acclaimed Breakup Recovery Retreats.

As the best kept secret of society’s elite with a client list that spans actors, politicians and sportsmen, Sara is recommended by Tatler magazine as one of its ‘trusted network of influential A-List private client advisers, offering gold-standard guidance in Family Law’ in its prestigious High Net Worth Divorce Guide. Sara is widely recognised for her work on revolutionising the way we view and navigate breakups, one of life’s most traumatic events. Her quest is to banish the stigma surrounding divorce and prove that the end of a relationship can be an empowering, life-affirming event.

The last year has seen the continued expansion of Sara’s thriving global business and brand. In February 2019, Sara scooped ‘The Best Self-Development Coach’ award at the prestigious The Best You Expo. January 2019 marked the launch of Sara’s latest best-selling book, ‘The Split: From Breakup to Breakthrough in 30 days or less’ in both the UK and the US. This arrives hot on the heels of her bestseller, ‘Uncoupling’ which was published in 2016.

Sara launched the UK’s first ever Break-Up Recovery Retreat in 2016, dubbed as ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ to help men and women cope better with any kind of breakup. Based in UK, the immersive two-day workshop, which launched with rave reviews across national media, takes small intimate groups on a journey of rediscovery and they leave with a tool kit of coping strategies, a bespoke action plan and a renewed sense of self. Such was the impact of Sara’s Breakup Recovery Retreats that the concept was also commissioned for a TV show, “Heartbreak Hotel’, which broadcast as a pilot on TV3 in Ireland in a prime-time slot. Sara’s empathetic and holistic approach has cornered a gap in the marketplace and helped thousands of people across the world rebuild their lives for the better.

In summer 2018, Sara launched an all-new Breakup & Divorce Coach Practitioner Accreditation Programme, a training programme for those interested in becoming a coach as well as existing coaches who want to take their business to the next level. Sara equips her coaches with techniques that enable them to grow a coaching business creating massive positive transformational change for their clients.

Sara Davison works with clients from all over the world at all stages of their break-up journeys, from the first tremors of doubt through to twenty years post break-up when people can still be trapped in destructive cyclical patterns. The format of her coaching programmes vary to suit the needs of the individual including confidence building, conflict resolution, designing your ideal partner, identifying your communication styles, body language and emotional control techniques. From one-on-one private coaching and exclusive mentoring to the immersive group environment of a workshop on the Break-Up Recovery Retreats and also her Break-Up Breakthrough online video coaching programme, which can be completed at home. Full details can be found at www.saradavson.com

With the Chamber of Commerce estimating an annual cost of £46 billion to UK taxpayers because of family breakdown, British businesses suffer enormously as a result of separation and divorce. A 2014 survey by polling company Com Res found that only 10% of employees felt their employer offered adequate support during these circumstances. Sara Davison also extends her coaching to the workplace and offers bespoke corporate break-up coaching and training for HR staff so they are better equipped to manage and support employees going through separation or divorce and minimise damage to the business. This also extends to Business Owners, Directors and Managers who are struggling to cope with the ripple effect of a personal breakup whilst having to motivate and lead their workforce.
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