15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021

1st August 11:00

Global Rockstar Shares Secrets to Build Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Passion to Profit

Financial Freedom Mastery Academy™ 5M System™

Presented By: King Raj

Talk Description:

This workshop will teach you the ‘5M’ system that is utilized by International business leaders, speakers, and authors to generate sustainable passive income streams. This will encompass five modules: Money Personalities, Mindset, Manifestation, Money Vehicles, and Masterminds. The first identifies your unique money personality, which affects the type of businesses, investments, and coaches you should have, and not have. The second will cover the mindset required to think like a wildly successful Investor. In the third module, you will learn his top tips for manifesting everything you desire.  The fourth module describes passive income vehicles, proven in Singh’s time as an Investor, International speaker, and book author.  Then finish with knowing how to leverage expert networks in order to become one with Mastermind groups.


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