15TH – 17TH JANUARY 2021

7th August 16:00

Secrets to Ilana’s $100M BACKBEND – It’s the LIMITLESS pill without the pill…

Health and Lifestyle

In the palm of our hands we have the power to tap into infinite intelligence, turn on the fountain of youth and live life limitless.

It’s Yoga’s most feared, advanced, powerful and secret element. It’s the greatest Biohack that no one is talking about. It’s the highest form of Self Development. “It’s the Limitless pill without the pill…” says Ilana Bissonnette master practitioner of BACKBENDING.

Join Ilana for the best 20 minutes of your life! Learn why Backbending is the new revolutionary Alternative healing, Anti aging, Extreme fitness, Multidimensional Self Development and Enlightenment practice.

Discover the ways you can incorporate it into your daily life regardless of your age, or level of expertise safely, to not only accelerate healing, overcome backpain, anxiety, depression, build resistance to disease, but also turn back aging, become physically and mentally younger, smarter, boost happiness biochemistry, develop leadership qualities, step up your fitness game, get your sexy back and live life LIMITLESS!

“BackBending is the limitless pill… without the pill!”

~Ilana Bissonnette