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4 Lies You Tell Yourself That Kill Your Confidence

– 1:30pm

4 Lies You Tell Yourself That Kill Your Confidence

Empowering Speakers


Confidence is an important factor in achieving personal and professional success. However, many of us have internalized lies that hold us back and kill our confidence. We tend to compare ourselves to others and measure our worth and success according to the principles that society has projected.

However, as a woman of God; your worth, success, and confidence are based on a
different set of principles. In this session, you will:

 Identify the lies you tell yourself that hold you back
 Challenge your limiting beliefs by applying biblical truths
 Be empowered to take action and face your fears

This session is ideal for the woman looking to increase confidence and overcome
limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Whether you’re looking to experience growth in your
personal life or advance in your career, this session will provide you with the confidence
boost you need to succeed.