The Best You EXPO

Learn Secrets I Teach the 1%

– 4:00pm

Learn Secrets I Teach the 1%

Main Stage


The 1% may have all they want, but Mas Sajady has something they need. Learn what they are missing so you can do success right.



With 2 million podcast downloads and 100,000+ client sessions, Mas Sajady is a sought-after private advisor to high net-worth individuals, and has founded Xponential Intelligence (XI), an advanced frequency technology that transforms the limited to the limitless.



In this groundbreaking talk Mas will:

  • Share techniques and principles he teaches his elite clients.
  • Explain why old-world strategies like psychology, goal setting, and leadership skills won’t get you what you want to have a fantastic life.
  • Experience a deep state HyperMeditation for success – an advanced form of meditation that bypasses the limitations of the mind and allows you to tap into your super intelligence.