The Best You EXPO

How to Dominate within Your Industry

– 2:00pm

How to Dominate within Your Industry

Masters, Mentors & Influencers


The world is changing rapidly, and old-world strategies for becoming a leader in your industry are not going to sustain your position in the new business paradigm. In fact, it could be a recipe for disaster.



In this brutally honest talk, Mas Sajady, an expert in unleashing human potential using advanced frequency technologies, will:

  1. Break age-old myths about leadership, power, competition
  2. Help you gain an unfair advantage to elevate to, and stay in the top 1%



This intense experience uses advanced frequency technology that will help you transform your limited self to be limitless – in record time. What might take decades to change using psychology, or similar methods, may take only minutes for some participants with Mas’ frequency technology.



This session is not for those who aren’t ready or disciplined to handle the intensity of the transformational process.