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Aura Photo Pros


Aura photography in Los Angeles for people & pets, mobile Photo Booth rental for PR events, festivals, weddings, birthdays & corporate events & pop-up

At Aura Photo Pros, we specialize in providing aura photography and chakra reading services for individuals and events in Los Angeles and beyond. Our team has the experience and knowledge to capture your aura and accurately interpret it to provide valuable insight into your energy field.

Whether you’re looking for an aura photo for yourself or as a gift, or to provide aura photos at your next event in Los Angeles, Aura Photo Pros is the place to go.

At Aura Photo Pros, we provide aura photo readings to help you gain a better understanding of your energy field and how it interacts with the world around you. Our team can provide you with detailed interpretations of your aura photo, and with our deluxe packages guidance on how to improve your chakras and energy field.

Aura Photo Pros is proud to offer dog aura photography services in Los Angeles. We have the experience and knowledge to accurately capture the aura of your beloved pet so you can gain insight into their energy field.