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About Sonja Galyon-Kamonika
I believe that keeping children safe by educating their parents is critical. I commit to helping 1 million single parents create a compassionate, secure, and stable home for their children's future. Properly guided and trained parents will protect themselves and their money.
Only by being fully responsible for our actions, decisions, and finances will we be able to find fulfillment. I will teach single parents how to create a family legacy and wealth. I was a single parent for many years. During this time I struggled unnecessarily with almost everything. I subjected my children to homelessness and eviction. My financial education was poor.
I struggled with the same scarcity mindset many single parents have. I became a Licensed Life insurance Agent and my world of financial strategies and tools increased. I realized many single parents have never been exposed to this information. I have made it my mission to teach single parents worldwide this information.