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Our coaches have been there and done that. Personally, they’ve peeled back layers, worked through, let go, and even forgiven. And they were frustrated because they were still “buying t-shirts.” And sometimes the frustration made them question their ability to help their clients. Studying Conscious Transformational Coaching™ was the missing link. Using the “CTC” process, our coaches now confidently guarantee results for their clients in the first session and every session. Who are Conscious Transformational Coaches™? We come from all industries, from banking and commercial construction, to traditional medicine and podcasting. We’ve stood on opera stages, been ordained as metaphysical reverends, managed companies, and even sold insurance. What we all have in common is a long history of personal and professional development, and a burning desire to help others. You may want to work with us, or you may want to join us. Either way, we’re glad you’re here.