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"I wanted to help create Top Talent Magazine because I recognize that everyone is trying to make a difference. Some outlets can be very difficult to work with and I saw the need for someone to make it easy for top talent -those who have made sacrifices to learn what they have- to share their voice, share their accomplishments, show their audience that they’re being celebrated and featured. And not just in their own hometown. Growing up, in a small city, I realized how after moving away for almost three years that the impact I have now, outside of my community, surrounding myself with new people, having new eyes meet me, has a greater impact than I could have expected. I wish 5 years ago I had known just how powerful a voice I have, so now it’s my honor to give other experts a voice in a fun, easy to read, and easy to share format in Top Talent Magazine online."  Isabel Fagan - Editor-In-Chief