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Bayarmaa Vongjesda


I am Bayarmaa Vongjesda, originally came from Mongolia. Currently, live in Sacramento CA, since 2002.


I am a CEO-Founder of B.V National Holdings LLC and a company of R3 Power Academy LLC. I am an Author and Personal Development Coach. I empower women to discover their inner soul, body and spirit, transform their life to” BE FREE” and “TURN YOUR PAIN INTO POWER”.


* The youngest daughter of 4 sisters unseen, unheard, unvalued
* Being bullied in a school and experienced childhood pain
* Been in a physically abusive relationship
* Hang out with the wrong group of people start drinking
* Found out my daughter got a spinal bifida, lost my baby girl when I was 7 months pregnant


All my past pains healed and became who I am today, they were my teachers!! I lead now to inspire


I provide personal coaching services for 90 -day sessions to renew, reconnect, and rejoice, where you
will find the journey to awakening your inner power through Kundalini Chakra yoga.

I will be speaking at: