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Bhavna Srivastava


Bhavna Srivastava has founded Bhavna’s Wellness Group, a thriving holistic business. She is a master at helping people reach their true potential and live better lives, which she does as a soul strategist, transformational lifestyle coach, mentor, Philanthropist, Reiki master, and yoga teacher.


Her mission is to guide her clients on their journey of self-discovery – empowering them to reconnect with their soul light and tap into their unique gifts, enabling them to find greater prosperity and uncover their highest purpose with the help of the Golden Light.


The Golden Light Healing Method heals people with unconditional love light, creating
ripples of love and peace within all.


Bhavna is always passionate and ready to help people who are struggling with their personal and professional lives, helping them navigate the challenges they are facing and find a path to authentically move forward.


She does it through one-on-one and group classes, coaching, mentoring, workshops, masterminds, and retreats. She has provided deep soul readings and healed over 50,000 individuals and groups with remarkable outcomes.

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