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Carey Conley


For the last 20+ years I’ve had a flourishing business career which has taken me around the world. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and everything changed. I lost my husband, Ross, in 2014 and just three years later I lost my son, Cole, at age 26 – both to suicide.


After these devastating losses, I was faced with a choice. I had to find purpose through despair, or I had to throw in the towel.


I chose purpose. While I enjoyed my business prior to losing Ross and Cole, I knew that this next chapter was calling me to rise to a new level that would make an impact on more people, on a larger scale. I want to help those who feel lost in this world without a purpose, and those who have lost someone tragically or unexpectedly and are now faced with the same decision I faced in 2017.
Alongside my daughter, Laurel, I poured every ounce of love and hope I had into our book, Keep Looking Up. The book serves as a way to share our personal stories of coping with the loss of Ross and Cole, and as a way to find a new life purpose on the other side of grief.


I’ve dedicated myself in this new chapter to helping others define their life vision. The work I was doing allowed me to teach business owners how to have a clearer vision and direction in their careers. Although I still do private coaching, my main work has now become a mission for mental health.
I help people create a crystal clear written vision for every area of their life, so they take action every day toward living out their purpose. Purpose is what gives people hope.


Why vision? Because it has become clear to me that our youth and young adults are lost, and they need to find purpose. We can’t ignore suicide; however, we can work together to reduce the numbers. We do this through vision work. This is my mission.


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