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Dame Maria Simone


Maria Simone— the “Soul and Money Catalyst”— is an investor, transformational business strategist, executive producer, consummate dealmaker, and author of the upcoming book “Love Yourself Rich”. 

She believes money is a spiritual energy and strives to see it circulated into its highest and best use.

Upon retiring from a successful corporate career in healthcare, she started multiple businesses and over the years has helped countless entrepreneurs with the funding and resources needed to take their businesses to the next level—she’s raised millions in funding for various projects and has caused the creation of many millions in revenue. Her combination of seeing the vision for a project, knowing the sequence of steps necessary to make it a reality, and having an abundant mindset has helped her achieve success for herself and others. She is the co-founder of ZenMoose Capital, a unique “Social Impact Fund” that creates and invests in purposeful media, technology, and real estate solutions.


The ZenMoose portfolio of companies they’ve started includes a number of media assets including Telly Award winning charity-makeover reality TV show “Operation: Impact” and SmartMoose NFT Impact Club. In 2021, Maria and her partners started United Tiny Homes which has now become one of the fastest-growing tiny home companies in the country— all in service to tackling the affordable housing crisis.


She’s a Founding Member of the Association For Transformational Leaders has spoken on stages all over the world, made numerous media appearances including FoxNews and ABC, and has appeared in Success Magazine.

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    Beyond The Bootstrap … The WHY, The WHEN and The HOW of Funding Your Business

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