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Daphene Booker-Harris


Daphene Booker-Harris, the Preschool Icon® is changing the trajectory of children and families throughout the city of Memphis and beyond. As a much sought-after childcare consultant, she launched Global Preschool Consulting, designed to teach new and expanding childcare providers with proven blueprints and principles for building profitable childcare empires. When asked about the foundation of her work, she summed it up by saying, “we are creating achievers who will become leaders”, which encapsulates her core philosophy about investing in the value and uniqueness of children, nurturing their intellectual genius, and developing their overall health and wellness.



Through her GPS blueprint, Daphene’s mission is to transform the daycare industry by empowering new and expanding owners through increased visibility, brand recognition, and profitability. Through any fallacy, Daphene’s challenges have helped her become the success story she is today. Daphene Booker-Harris, the Preschool Icon®, is indeed a trustworthy GPS for any childcare business owner.

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