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Dr. May Li


Dr. May Li was born into a family that emphasized hard work and education as the key to success in life. Yet after graduating from three Ivy League universities with a Ph.D. she found herself working multiple jobs, barely able to make ends meet.


Her goal was to become a wealthy but financial success was always out of reach. She decided to study the beliefs and behaviors of millionaires to find out why some people are financially successful and others not.



She interviewed millionaires, invested in programs, and applied what she learned. The research paid off and is now the foundation of her powerful mastermind: “8 Essential Elements to 8 Figures.”



Today she is the international best-selling author of “Finding Wealth from Within” and soon to be published “Millionaire Mindset for Women.” Dr. May Li has shared stages with Les Brown, Sharon Lechter and Ramy El-Batrawi.


She is a guest speaker at the Los Angeles-based MVP (Making Visions Possible) Wealth-Building Mastermind and the Drox Investment Multi Family Real Estate Group in Houston, Texas.


Dr. May Li has spoken at the Women’s Speaker Retreat in New Orleans and International Voices of Women’s Summit. She was recently interviewed on stage at Bill Walsh’s Powerteam International Ultimate Wealth Camp in Chicago and Las Vegas.



Dr. Li hosts a talk show series: Mogurl -MVP -a deep dive into the beliefs and behavior of successful millionaires.



Dr. Li’s quest is to empower others through their own process of self-discovery, to become comfortable with greater wealth, to live life with fulfillment and joy, and to expedite their transition to multimillionaire status.



We can have it all, and it starts with owning the power of our thoughts and what we believe is possible.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 4th - 12:00pm

    The Millionaire Mindset :8 Essential Elements to 8 Figures.

    Best for Business

  • March 4th - 3:30pm

    The Millionaire Mindset :8 Essential Elements to 8 Figures.

    Best for Business