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Dr. Niloufar Gorman L.Ac., DACM


Dr. Niloufar Gorman L.Ac, DACM, is the owner and CEO of BioVisage Clinic and is the author of “Eat Like a Queen, Look Like a Goddess” and “Eat Like a King Look Like an Adonis,”.  She has been helping patients at her Beverly Hills, and other CA locations, for over 25 years, and her Sparks, MD location for over 14 years.


She has given over 150,000 treatments in the past 25 years, to professional athletes such as NFL Super Bowl champions and World Cup soccer players, Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and anyone who requires the best in compassionate, results-oriented health care and advice. 


Dr. Gorman also opened the first Non-Surgical Facelift clinic in the United States in 2003 in Los Angeles, to enable men and women to have an alternative option to invasive procedures and potentially toxic fillers.  


Her true calling in life is to help the collective consciousness rise to a higher expanded and ascended frequency through love, meditation, acupuncture, and good health. 


Dr. Gorman’s book Eat Like a Queen Look Like a Goddess is your all-in-one answer to sustainable, science-based healthy weight loss and transformation. You’ll finally discover how to achieve lasting change beyond dieting using practical tools so that no matter what life throws at you – it won’t throw off your progress. With this book in hand feel empowered knowing that not only can you lose weight, but also find a way of living where making small changes yields big rewards!   

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