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Dr. Niloufar Gorman L.Ac., DACM


Dr. Niloufar Gorman L.Ac, DACM, has been helping patients at her Beverly Hills CA and Sparks MD locations for over 20 years. She has personally given over 200,000 treatments and is the author of “Eat Like a Queen, Look Like a Goddess” and “Eat Like a King Look Like an Adonis”, which are scheduled to be published in January 2023. She is the CEO of BioVisage Clinic and BioVisage of Beverly Hills Skincare.


She opened the first Non-Surgical Facelift clinic in the United States in 2003 as a way to give back and enable men and women to have an alternative option to invasive procedures. Her true calling in life is to help the collective consciousness rise to a higher expanded and ascended frequency through love, meditation, Acupuncture, and good health.



I will be speaking at:

    • March 4th – 1:00pm

      Eat Like a Queen, Look Like a Goddess.

      Mindfulness & Wellbeing

  • March 5th – 1:00pm

    Eat Like a King, Look Like an Adonis.

    Mindfulness & Wellbeing

  • March 5th – 3:00pm

    Dr. Niloufar Gorman on Book Signing

    Book Signing

  • March 3rd –

    Dr. Niloufar Gorman – Spotlight on Red Carpet

    Spotlight Red Carpet