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Dr. Simi Ahuja


I am a Primary Care Physician by training. I began my conscious journey in 2008 when I realized that nothing in my life was working for me in spite of studying hard to earn an MD while being a mom to a toddler. This propelled me to go in search for God for I knew only something bigger than me could help me sort out the mess I had created. Being brought up in India, I knew that God was within me but I didn’t know how to reach this inner power. So I went in search of a teacher who would teach me the art of looking within. I was blessed to find powerful spiritual mentors in the form of Archangels.



As I began this journey I realized how much the childhood sexual abuse was impacting my physical, emotional, mental and relational health. As I began to heal the trauma inflicted by the sexual abuse I learned about the power of the mind to heal the physical body. My medical intuitive gifts opened up. I could tell with laser sharp accuracy which emotion was causing my patients physical symptoms. I began to practice this gift on my patients and noticed that miracles began to unfold in my office. Then I began to wonder why was I not taught this skill in medical schools? It is something that is free, simple and without side effects. This led me to my resolve to teach this to others so they too can become empowered with this knowledge.

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