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Ericka D. McMillon


Ericka McMillon is a dynamic woman and influencer using her 15+ years of experience to transform the lives of those she serves through her entrepreneurship endeavors and mentoring women. Ericka has harnessed the power of using her purpose to navigate her financial future. She’s mastered the areas of real estate investing, insurance sales, team building, training, and coaching. She’s extracted the hidden gems in these fields to aid women in discovering their purpose and becoming their true authentic selves. 



Ericka has a true desire to show mothers how to shift from a place of insecurity, self-doubt, and fear of failing their children, to find their own clarity of purpose, work/life balance, and self-fulfillment through masterclasses and one-on-one sessions. She shows women how to tap into their strengths and turn their challenges into triumphs. Ericka is a mother of two adult sons and one elementary school-aged. She has one granddaughter whom she is already grooming for success.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 4th - 1:50pm

    “Elevate from Within” Empowering Women raising children to THRIVE, not just Survive. 1. Gain Clarity 2. Create Balance 3. Live in your Purpose

    Passion to Profit