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Haleh Gianni


Haleh Gianni, the founder of 505 Living, is a certified Life and Relationship Coach. With over a decade in practice, she helps her clients understand their natural behavior, perception, tolerance, and communication styles so that they can live a more fulfilling life.


Her unique coaching and personal development approach has made lasting positive changes in people’s lives. She believes that human nature is distinct in each person and that understanding these attributes can lead to more empowering choices, stronger relationships, and meaningful accomplishments. After several career changes, relocations, starting a business, and raising her son, Haleh realizes how critical it is to have the right tools to manage personal energy, life, and relationships. She’s a speaker, trainer, consultant, and mentor.


Haleh is the author of The 505 Mind: A 30-day mental detox manual. In addition, her workshops and seminars offer a comprehensive insight into resolving challenges with self-love, productivity, and relationships at home and in business.


Haleh has a very diverse personal and professional background. Her childhood consisted of living in Iran, Turkey, and the U.S. She was born in Iran and officially settled in Los Angeles with her family, where she finished grade school. She later moved to Atlanta, GA, to attend GSU and then to San Diego, CA, where she settled for a while until her son graduated from high school and went to college. She is a master trainer in an advanced human assessment instrument through The Y.O.U. Institute, where she is currently an active Board Member, serving as the Vice President of Global Outreach. Haleh has earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Management from the National University and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Georgia State University.


The Tech-industry is where she developed her professional career as a Senior Software Test Engineer with several start-up companies. During the prime of her engineering career, she experienced significant life changes that drew her toward personal development. Then, she came across a body of wisdom that transformed her in ways beyond her imagination. The knowledge she gained, she shared with colleagues and friends. It didn’t take long for her to realize how important it was to serve humanity on a larger scale. Today, she helps people gain self-mastery that naturally enhances every area of their lives. She also works with professional organizations such as Media, Financial-Tech, Law Firms, and Mid-size businesses to create better leadership teams and synergistic performance.


Her passion is to help people integrate mindfulness, self-awareness, and energy management in modern life so they can experience a sense of empowerment and clarity no matter the situation.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 4th - 4:30pm

    Sustainable Confidence – Build an unshakable foundation of Self-Awareness through an Advanced Behavior Assessment.

    Empowering Women