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Jennifer Baker


Jennifer Baker is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance business/organization and policy expert, award-winning international speaker, leadership developer, trainer, 3X Best Selling Author, podcast and radio host, recognized by and a contributor to multiple media sources, and appreciates many other titles such as a relentless advocate for truth and good.



Jennifer’s professional career started early and humbly in business communications and quickly advanced into setting the highest standards in the casino industry worldwide as a young executive. Jennifer retired in her 30s to start her consulting practice and has been blessed and challenged with her purpose to positively affect, motivate, protect, and serve those who lead for over 15 successful years as a go-to authority and solution provider for leadership development, business transitions, and government affairs/policy consulting.



For eyes that see, much is required. Through successful business, policy consulting, and advisory boards, Jennifer has positively affected the development and change of leaders, young leaders in training, communities, and some of the most critical policies and situations of high-level importance. She is passionate about developing more life warriors and champions.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 3rd -

    Jennifer Baker – Red Carpet Spotlight Interview

    Spotlight Red Carpet

  • March 3rd - 1:00pm

    Jennifer Baker – Podcast Room

    Podcast Room

  • March 3rd - 4:00pm

    Jennifer Baker -Podcast Room

    Podcast Room

  • March 4th - 11:30am

    From Pain to Powerful Impact Champions

    Empowering Speakers

  • March 4th - 1:00pm

    Jennifer Baker – Podcast Room

    Podcast Room

  • March 5th - 2:00pm

    Jennifer Baker -Podcast Room

    Podcast Room

  • March 5th - 1:00pm

    From High Risk to High Performance – Real Results meets Real Impact

    Best for Business

  • March 3rd - 4:30pm

    Set Up a Profit System With Certified Experts – Complete Online + Digital + Text

    Passion to Profit