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Karol Darsa


Dr. Karol Darsa, Psy.D. is an accomplished trauma psychologist. In her over-20 year career in trauma and mental health disorders, Dr. Darsa published The Trauma Map: Five Steps to Reconnect With Yourself, founded the Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center, and created the Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model (RITTM).



Dr. Darsa credits her inspiration to her experiences with childhood trauma. Her early career as a foster care social worker for abused children cemented her sensitivity and passion for trauma healing.



Dr. Darsa’s gentle, body-based approach was inspired by studying a variety of methods. Her inspiration includes Christine Schenk’s CHRIS-Technique, an energy exercise that grounds people in their bodies. Paired with her advanced training in EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Energy Psychology, and Mindfulness, Dr. Darsa gained a deep understanding of the mind and body and how they can work together in trauma recovery.



In 2012 Dr. Darsa became the co-creator of Invisible War Recovery, a program designed to treat military sexual trauma survivors.  She has been interviewed by Katie Couric, Susan Ortolano, and Lisa Tahir, and was featured on the Voice of America. She has also been featured as a key expert on the talk show The Doctors, ABC, CBS, Well + Good, Feel Good, The Intentional Clinician, The Addicted Mind, and Seek the Joy podcast. Dr. Darsa also presented at various conferences such as Global Exchange Conference, Nefesh Conference, and the Young Professionals Organization Conference. She lectures about trauma treatment at several universities, including the University of Southern California, UCLA, and Cal Lutheran.

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