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Lynnette LaRoche


Founder & CEO The LaRoche Method | Business Strategist | Leadership & Performance Consultant | Author | Speaker 


Lynnette led a very successful career in the biotechnology/biopharma industry, leaving her mark with 2 drug approvals during the pandemic and a legacy of building and leading high-performance teams.
LaRoche is the founder of The LaRoche Method where under this umbrella, her signature program Lynnette LaRoche and Prism Performance Consultancy.


Having built a life that she could only imagine after transitioning from corporate, Lynnette helps women overcome the fear of the ‘unknown’ to do the same; transition out of their corporate careers so they can do what they actually want.


Prism Performance


Understanding that not everyone is seeking to build their own business, Lynnette trains corporations and management teams on how to become better leaders all while empowering those leaders to improve their team’s performance. With over 20 years of experience, she is ready to help leaders and corporations improve their company’s culture through 3 pillars: Leadership. Empowerment. Growth.


Lynnette is a former trainer for, which was founded by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, where she helped new entrepreneurs on their journey.


Lynnette is a speaker and international best-selling author. She has a passion for travel, fashion, and poetry.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 3rd - 3:30pm

    Don’t Let Fears Put the Brakes on Living Your Best Life

    Empowering Women

  • March 4th - 2:30pm

    Ignite Your Leadership: Be the Solution to Peak Team Performance

    Masters, Mentors & Influencers