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Marianna Alfa


Marianna is a CPD-accredited Leadership & Positivity Coach and business operations specialist with more than twenty years of leadership experience in the hospitality sector. She has helped numerous clients gain clarity in their life and career path, reinvent themselves, bravely embrace change, prepare for growth and manage it wisely through the process.



Marianna shows businesses how to develop robust foundations that nurture high-performing cultures. She works with individuals looking to unlock and maximize their personal and professional potential as well as leaders and managers seeking the skills to lead with confidence and get the best out of themselves and their teams. 



Her mission is to eliminate signs and practices of toxic work cultures led by control, command, and ego and introduce and help to adapt a nurturing and empowerment-led approach for leaders to take responsibility for creating an exciting and healthy adventure for their people, worthy of them devoting their lives to. She helps those that are stuck as victims of unhealthy environments to cope with negativity and facilitate that much-needed positive change.


Marianna’s style is inspiring, approachable, flexible, and designed to enrich lives with the goal of helping individuals flourish and live a fulfilled purposeful life. 


Marianna is the author of the book BLOSSOM – Coach Yourself to Success and Living your Best Life and the Founder of BLOSSOM HOSPITALITY consultancy, coaching, and advisory company. She is the lead faculty & management of the Hospitality Leadership School MY RITROVO and a founding partner of soon to be launched RESHAPED FROM WITHIN coaching transformative platform that includes a series of optional programs as enhancements to her coaching sessions.


She has a natural ability to boost and connect positively with people, being a motivating co-driver during the coaching journey through the complex challenges many of us are facing today. 

I will be speaking at:

  • March 5th - 2:30pm

    Unpaved path of leading, self-coaching, trusting and blossoming. From Au-Pair to VP and reshaping within to inspire and insert compassion into leadership

    Empowering Women

  • March 5th - 4:00pm

    Marianna Alfa on Book Signing

    Book Signing

  • March 4th - 1:45pm

    Bernardo Moya Spotlights

    Main Stage