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Marsha Hilton


Marsha Hilton is a Career and Empowerment Coach, Speaker and founder of Marsha Hilton Coaching with a signature offer: The Hilton Method where she coaches clients to stop counting themselves out by identifying and rejecting perfectionism, reframing negative inner dialogue and embracing change to move them into the vision they have for their career.


Marsha holds a BA in French, Master of Science in Psychology specializing in culture and a Graduate Diploma in Career Development.


Having lived on 3 continents and 4 countries, she experienced a loss of identity as an expat trailing spouse and feeling under accomplished knowing there had to be more to life. She felt stuck and couldn’t find her purpose and meaning in work, she tapped into transferrable skills, worked with a coach and soon realized her talents in motivating others. Marsha got retrained as a Career Development advisor and began helping university students and women find their purpose, understand how to control fear leaving the hold of perfectionism.



Coach Hilton has an ability to reframe how clients see themselves, teaching professionals the importance of language, Emotional Intelligence EQ, uncovering their purpose so they can thrive.

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