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Peter Vekselman


Peter Vekselman is a seasoned investor and has been a leader in the real estate industry for over 30 years. He has successfully done over 3,600 deals. Today, he leads a team of real estate professionals who continue to close deals across the country.


Peter’s passion is breaking down the barriers that hold people back from becoming real estate investors. He eliminates virtually every obstacle through partnering on deals. Peter provides 100% of the capital and brings his expertise & world-class team to actively partner on closing deals. Peter has helped hundreds of new and seasoned investors. His goal is to help newcomers get their first deal done, then keep them rolling in like clockwork!

I will be speaking at:

  • March 4th - 2:00pm

    Use my money to flip houses, Use my motivated seller leads, Use my team to close deals.

    Main Stage

  • March 4th - 11:45am

    Bernardo Moya Spotlights

    Main Stage

  • March 3rd - 4:00pm

    WHY Master’s Mentors and Influencers keep you broke.

    Masters, Mentors & Influencers

  • March 3rd -

    Peter Vekselman – Red Carpet Spotlight Interview

    Spotlight Red Carpet

  • March 3rd - 11:30am

    Bernardo Spotlight – Special thank you

    Main Stage