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Sonja Galyon-Kamonika​


Sonja Galyon-Kamonika​ owner of SGK Investments-SGK Investments is a real estate investment company that acquires tax-defaulted real estate and auction properties in the United States.

CoOwner of Royal Gardens Landscape-Royal Gardens Landscape specializes in hardscape and landscaping for luxury properties.

She lives in New Jersey. She is a recovered Single Mother of 4 children. Her goal is to keep kids safe by educating their parents. She would like to coach and teach 1 million single parents.

I will be speaking at:

  • March 3rd -

    Sonja Galyon-Kamonika Red Carpet Spotlight Interview

    Spotlight Red Carpet

  • March 3rd - 1:00pm

    How to use Life Insurance, Tax Refunds and Real Estate to build wealth

    Empowering Women

  • March 5th - 12:30pm

    Single Parent Wealth Builders

    Empowering Women

  • March 5th - 3:00pm

    Sonja Galyon-Kamonika – Book Signing

    Book Signing

  • March 4th - 3:45pm

    Bernardo Moya Spotlights

    Main Stage