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Stacey L Tidwell


Stacey (that’s “ey”) is the founder and owner of KnotFree Living LLC.  She helps high-performing, yet unfulfilled women, over 35, who have lost sight of their power and passion understand how where they’ve been has landed them where they are in order to get to where they need to be. Her signature “G.E.T.F.I.T.T.” (Gain Essential Tools to Focus, Incorporate and Try and Thrive) coaching program equips women with the tools necessary to see themselves outside of the confined roles that “women are supposed to play” and supports them in defining their own path for their future. 



Her very unorthodox approach of combining psychology, theology, and sociology to a path of healing and forgiveness of mind, body, and spirit has proved to be more effective and sustainable for those who garner her support.



She works tirelessly to inform, inspire, equip and untie the knots that keep others bound by the threads of experiences which women have allowed to define them.



Stacey has served as a Board Member for Mountain View Personal Care and held several Officer positions with Voices of ATT Corp ERG where her leadership and guidance furthered initiatives to give a voice to those who lost the opportunity to speak for themselves. She is currently a member of International Society for Professional Females, Mom Link Million Dollar Mom Club, The S.O.A.R. Circle, Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Pain to Power Women’s Group and hosts as well as participates in several workshops, masterclasses and women empowerment events.



In addition, Stacey’s work now includes being a Published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Transitional Strategist/Mindset Coach.



Areas of Expertise:

Individual/Relationship/Family Counseling, Mindset Coaching, Mindfulness Practices, Meditation Exercises, Increase of Emotional and Intelligence Quotient (through reprogrammed response), Metacognition, Micro/Meso/Macro Manifestation, and Goal Strategizing and Execution


I will be speaking at:

  • March 4th - 11:25am

    “Harnessing the Power Within” 3 Strategies on Using What You Have to Get What You Want

    Passion to Profit