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The Best You EXPO 2018 – Building on Success

Speakers at the Best You
The Best You EXPO is a powerful, vibrant meeting place for all things Personal Development. It empowers Personal Development businesses with complementary skill sets to connect with each other and provides an impressive platform to meet new clients. It also provides thousands of attendees with new choices that they never knew existed!

“Hello! Big thank you for hosting the Expo. I enjoyed the day and I thought you had some stellar speakers so really big thumbs up for securing some great self-development heroes. I enjoyed the speakers and will keep an eye for the next one.”
Tony MacKenzie – happy EXPO attendee

“I have been waiting for an expo like Best You for years! The show brought together the very best in the industry and created a powerful space for like-minded people to come together and learn. It’s certainly one of the best exhibitions I’ve spoken at in years and I can’t wait for next year.”
Louise Presley-Turner – Top UK Coach and Hay House Author
At The Best You EXPO 2018 that’s what we’ll give you.
More opportunity, more networking, more attendees, more success.

Hearing Your Voice

Exhibitors tell us that taking the stage to spread the word about their product to an engaged and interested audience who are there specifically to find out how to improve their lives is a winning formula.

At the previous EXPO, every workshop was brim-full with potential clients genuinely excited about the services and products workshop speakers provide.

In response to this intense demand, we are expanding exhibitors’ workshop opportunities for 2018.

Speakers will reach even more members of the public and will be able to speak on different days.

The result: more business for you, and even more people will engage, learn and become motivated to change – thanks to your products and services.

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9 Workshop Stages – Act Now

2018’s Best You EXPO will have 8 workshop stages and a main stage, up from 3 workshop stages and a main stage in the previous year.

We are offering these expanded opportunities to exhibitors as a direct response to the overwhelming positive feedback from the previous EXPO’s exhibitors, who told us that speaking in the workshops generated huge interest in their product and services.

FACT: Every exhibitor who spoke in 2016 has re booked to speak in 2018.
FACT: We have already allocated 70% of workshop spaces!

You are invited to ACT NOW to ensure you save your space:

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Why you should run a workshop

Exhibitors tell us their investment was repaid 5 times on site, during the EXPO – and that doesn’t include business leads followed after.

Running a workshop makes powerful sense to promote your business.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t miss out. We have already sold 70% of workshop slots for 2018.

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and avoid missing out

The Workshop Stages

Speakers at the expo
The Main Stage – audience capacity of 300-400, this is the cachet place to promote your product. Big name speakers will speak from the Main Stage.

Remember, we are also committed to promoting and projecting businesses, and will consider your proposal to speak on the Main Stage. We will run a selection process. So don’t be shy. If you have a message you want to get on the Main Stage and you want to share a platform with some of the greats in Personal Development, let us know. We will consider all applications and pick speakers with brilliance, flair and a message.

9 Best You workshops (audience capacity: 100)

2 x Wealth and Riches Workshops –
How can Personal Development boost and project business? From mentoring and coaching, through HR applications, leaderships skills, communication and much more, The Best You Business workshop series shows you how.

2 x Best for Business Workshops –
Complementary practitioners are often brilliant at their specialist skill but struggle to capitalise on it by taking their skills to market. From publishing, through to marketing, plus the practicalities of starting a practice, speakers will expertly take you through the processes, showing the pitfalls and routes to success.

2 x Feel and Look Good, Wellbeing Workshops –
Whether you want to overcome a phobia, get fitter, lose weight, find ways to beat anxiety or improve your overall well-being, this series of workshops from leading experts will show you how. It will include hypnotic trance workshops, approaches to self-improvement, and all the most innovative techniques for self- improvement.

1 x Inspiring Youth Workshops –
This workshop is to give teachers, parents and care givers advice and learnings to help them shape and educate our future leaders and entrepreneurs. It will also give teenagers and young adults the opportunity to get on stage and share their ideas. We are looking for young entrepreneurs, budding inspirational speakers, creatives, young marketers and those that want to do good in the world. This is your chance – go for it!

1 x Body and Soul Workshops –
The Body and Soul workshops offer a collection of spiritual leaders, teaching you new ways to live your life authentically, by using meditation, yoga, NLP, mindfulness and much more. This series of workshops shows you how to live the life you truly want and deserve.

1 x Passion to Profit Workshops –
Do you have a burning desire to start a business based on your life-long passion? Have ever wondered if it CAN be done? The Passion to Profit workshops show you how. The speakers will tell you their story, giving you tips and inspiration on how to start your journey and follow your dreams.

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