The Best You CEO Bernardo Moya’s Expertise Recognised in UK Press


An interview about with Bernardo Moya, CEO of The Best You, recently appeared in the national UK newspaper The Independent.

The article, titled Improving Mental Health In The Workplace which appeared in The Independent on Monday 6th November 2017, discussed the challenges facing employers in recognising the need to maintain mental health among the staff.

Contrasting British attitudes to mental health in the workplace with those in the US, Bernardo and his company The Best You were held up as a British example of best practice.

The article quotes Bernardo on his efforts to make the workplace a positive experience for employees,saying:

“I’ve strived to create an open environment where employees know they can come to me with any problem and I’ll listen non-judgmentally. Feeling able to ask for help early is crucial to preventing someone reaching crisis point, and it’s my job to reassure people who may worry that admitting to a mental health issue will harm their career.”

Bernardo then goes on to talk about strategies for self esteem and to ease stress at work.

The Best You and its sister company NLP Life Training have dedicated the last 10 years to furthering the cause of well-being at work.

“Mental illness can affect anyone, and managers of organisations can help staff to stay well,” Moya is quoted further in the article. “Ultimately, we are the ones who choose whether or not to prioritise our health. We know what needs to be done – we need to do it”.

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