The Best You’s Very Own Bernardo Moya Features in Balance Magazine


Chief Inspirational Officer for The Best You Bernardo Moya appeared in the November edition of London-distributed free magazine, Balance, describing how he came to help run and promote McKenna’s courses, and become the brains behind The Best You.

Bernardo describes how Paul McKenna’s book Change You Life In Seven Days made him completely alter the direction his life was heading while he was running a real estate company in Spain. Hooked by the book, he decided to attend one of Paul’s seminars.

Bernardo admits: “I didn’t really think the course would be for me – all felt a bit to American. High fiveing and shouting – that’s not my style. But, although I was sceptical, something propelled me to do. And sure enough, by day three I thought ‘Bloody hell. I’m in my
mid-30s, I thought I was quite knowledgeable.”

Out of the blue, Bernardo was offered the chance to take over promoting the courses when Paul left to live in America.

So, Paul’s book really did change Bernardo’s life, just like the title said.

It seems that sometimes you really can judge a book by its cover!

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