16-17 February 2018 – London Olympia

Discover The 2018 Expo Zones, including:

A Better World

(Zone 1)

A platform for people, organisations and initiatives who strive, to make the world a better place, through education and the empowerment of others to impact global change and create ever-greater awareness of vital issues.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

(Zone 2 & 3)

Experience live talks and demonstrations from leading coaches, authors and teachers specialising in practises to improve mental wellbeing, relationship issues, stress management, emotional resilience, confidence levels, anxiety and depression.

Health and Lifestyle

(Zone 4)

Explore what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, learn more about nutrition, balanced eating and care for your physical well-being, discover experts who will share techniques and offer the motivation and support required to live a happy, healthy life.

Passion to Profit

(Zone 5)

Want to be an entrepreneur? Want to transform your passion into a successful business? Discover how to find your passion and turn it into a profitable business with advice, lessons and tips from experts and entrepreneurs, who turned their passions into careers.

Empowering Women

(Zone 6)

A dedicated seminar room, panel series and showcase of leaders and organisations who empower girls and women in the workplace, marketplace and community, and who are opening new horizons in economic growth, political stability and social transformation.

Wealth and Riches

(Zone 7)

Gain insider knowledge and get expert advice from those at the forefront of wealth coaching and financial therapy. Learn how to accumulate, manage and maintain your personal wealth, meet your financial goals, strategize investment decisions and increase your overall prosperity.

Best for Business

(Zone 8)

Meet the very best business, leadership, career and executive coaches, and successful entrepreneurs, from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Share content, best practices and resources for accelerating business performance and personal leadership development.

VIP Mastermind Lounge

(Zone 9)

The VIP area is designed to be a sponsored area for exclusive seminars and sessions with the world’s top motivational speakers, executive coaches and lifestyle experts, including ‘meet the author’ and ‘meet the main stage speaker’ sessions, fast-track entry, complimentary drinks and canapés and other tailor made experiences.

Inspiration Zone

(Near Zone 1&2 Olympia West)

Central to the Expo, the Inspiration Zone is an experience area designed to help you unlock self-limiting beliefs, discover effective strategies to increase your energy and master new skills, including consciousness hacking, salsa dancing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, walking on broken glass, phobia cures and much, much more!

Yoga and Meditation

(Next to Zone 2 Olympia West)

Mindfully designed by The Best You, the yoga and meditation zone joins some of the best yoga teachers, sound healers, breath-technique experts and mediation practitioners to teach asanas, share sound healing baths, lead meditations and help you manifest your personal goals.

Networking Area

(Near Zone 7 Olympia Central Level 1)

The Best You Expo is as much about making personal and industry connections as it is about the seminars and main stage presentations!

The Networking Area offers unparalleled opportunities for coaches, authors, speakers, business leaders, employees and attendees to mingle, make vital new connections, meet with media contacts and conduct business.