Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Ed.D., MBA


Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Ed.D., MBA


Dr. Leonie H Mattison knows what keeps most survivors of trauma and those living in crisis feeling unworthy of living the life they deserve because she’s been there! They believe that they are not deserving or worthy – or at least it can be. Identifying, applying, and practicing the art of being intentional, should never be an afterthought. It should be a daily endeavor to use the power of intentionality to choose the desired outcome you want to achieve in every situation.


As an Organizational and Talent Development Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, and Author of The Thread collection, Dr. Mattison has helped nonprofits, government, and private companies build strong leaders & high-performing teams, increase employee engagement, and cultivate a continuous learning culture that inspires people to achieve measurable organizational outcomes. She is adept at leading concurrent projects, teams, and initiatives, impacting up to 60 departments, 26,000 employees, and 8.4 million constituents. Entrepreneurial fundraiser with a successful track record of securing and administering budgets and grant awards up to $45 million.


Dr. Mattison is currently serving as the Division Chief for the Human Resources Organizational and Talent Development division at the County of Santa Barbara (C.O.S.B.). Under her leadership, the C.O.S.B.’s training center has transformed into an accredited Employees’ University, offering its 4,000+ workforce access to graduate and undergraduate degrees and high-quality learning programs. She is also an adjunct graduate and undergraduate professor, student advisor, and mentor.


Personally, Leonie has overcome a life plagued by some of life’s worst challenges, including a series of adverse childhood experiences, severe bouts of Bell’s Palsy, a near-death Stroke, a difficult failed marriage, and a close fatal suicide attempt. Leonie has an amazing story of how God transformed her traumatic life experiences into hopeful life lessons to empower women to break free from unhealthy relationships and behaviors that make them feel unworthy or undeserving and win back their power.


Her infectious energy, coupled with her engaging, uplifting, and educational – six-step T.H.R.E.A.D System©, will empower women to achieve intentional transformation. As a motivational “arsonist,” her presentations will “fire you up” with concrete ideas to help you discover your personal worth, embrace an intentional mindset, and make your dreams a reality. As a “Get Intentional” expert, her core belief is that being intentional is the key to achieving success at work, in school, at home, and in life.”

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