15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Eric Ho

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator and author.

Through international tours Eric has allowed his extensive experience and passion to enlighten countless crowds, aiding them in adding value to their lives by achieving health, wealth and happiness.
From a young age Eric has had determination to achieve something great. This, alongside a passion and commitment to help those around him, has given Eric the resources to own an extensive selection of businesses that has allowed Eric to grow from a college dropout at 19 to financially free entrepreneur at 21.

Dissatisfied with his academic life and stuck working in a burger van, Eric felt trapped inside a world that brought little gratification, feeling lost and without direction. This is when Eric began to strive into becoming something greater. Using this entrepreneurial drive Eric gathered his existing experience of the catering industry and began to develop his own restaurant franchise.

Within 5 years Eric had acquired various streams of income, ranging from a steel & tyre company to his own fast growing QSR franchise. This has given Eric the ability to live in his own terms and by 24 he owned supercars, dream houses and other luxuries that others could only imagine. Despite this, Eric felt that money alone could no longer satisfy him and fell into a deep depression, losing the direction in his life once more.

Months later, during a voluntary trip to Africa, Eric found his purpose: helping those in need. This led him into establishing H-Giving, a nonprofit charitable organization, and forming a partnership with Oxfam whilst supporting various charities aiming to prevent HIV/AIDS in Africa and provide education to children in China and Zambia.

In August 2011 Eric built an orphanage in Kenya providing 63 children a loving home which today houses and educates over 340 schoolchildren. This newfound enthusiasm for helping others gave Eric the motivation to systemize his businesses, giving him the freedom to earn a passive income, allowing him to earn more money whilst having more freedom of time.

Today Eric travels the world holding motivational seminars, using his own experiences to educate other like-minded individuals the value of time and money freedom. Speaking across Europe, Asia and Africa and sharing platforms amid the business mogul Sir Richard Branson and the former Dragon’s Den investor James Caan Eric teaches that, whilst not everyone is born with the right resources, with the correct guidance anybody can achieve success.