15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Jaclyn Dunne

Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach and Author of Amazon Best Seller, Mind Body Miracle

Jaclyn Dunne is a health and nutrition coach who became passionate about holistic healing and the mind-body connection after using the tools laid out in her first book, Mind Body Miracle, to heal her own auto-immune condition. She has since gained a diploma in nutrition and hypnotherapy and is a member of the CHEK institute, Europe. In 2014 Jaclyn founded the Mind and Body Detox programme, she has now helped hundreds of people to live a healthier and happier life.

At age 21, Jaclyn was a sick and tired accountant diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and faced with the prospect of being dependent on medication for the rest of her life. Her health deteriorated into motherhood as she struggled to find the energy to be a working Mum. Then in 2013, at age 35, Jaclyn lost her beloved Mum and just five days later also lost her Dad. They were both aged just 64 and both passed away from disease exacerbated by lifestyle choices. This was the wake up call Jaclyn needed to change everything, her career, her health and ultimately her fate.

Mind Body Miracle

Jaclyn’s debut book, which made the Amazon top ten bestsellers on its release date, documents the tools she used to journey her from sick and tired accountant grieving a double loss to hypnotherapist, holistic health coach and author. In two separate, easy to follow sections, this book provides a toolkit to optimise the health of both your mind and body. Jaclyn says: “My story isn’t special – we all go through difficult times. It’s not the experience that defines us; it’s the way we handle it. Being broken provides an opportunity to build yourself again, stronger than ever. In my experience, I had to go through the worst time of my life to arrive at the best. I now have a new career, improved health, new outlook, mind set and passion. This my legacy to my mum – and the irony is not lost in that I had to lose her in order to find me.”

The Unexpected Miracle

Jaclyn’s book may have saved her sisters life…… Contact: While writing the book, Jaclyn asked her sister to proof read it. After reading the chapter entitled Change Your Sugar Fix, her sister Joanna realised that she had been living a very unhealthy life and needed to make many diet and lifestyle changes in order to regain her health. Joanna went on to lose a significant amount of weight, which then allowed her to feel several lumps under her ribcage, which she was unable to feel before due to the amount of body fat she carried. In just a few weeks Joanna was diagnosed with stage 3c Cancer in the cervix, ovaries, womb, omentum, peritoneum and parts of the bowel. After 12 hours of surgery all microscopic traces of the cancer were removed, leaving Joanna cancer free and managing her illness through diet and supplementation. Joanna was told that if the cancer was detected in another 6 months it would likely have been inoperable. Joanna became the unexpected but welcome miracle in Mind Body Miracle.