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Jason Vale

Jason Vale – also known as “the Juice Master” – is a man on a mission to “juice the world!” He is the best-selling author of over a dozen books on health, addiction and juicing, selling collectively over 5 million copies ; eleven number 1 iOS and Android apps; and the groundbreaking, feature-length documentary SuperJuiceMe!

“If you don’t look after your body you’ll have nowhere to live!”

Jason’s aim is to really ‘juice’ the world – in every sense of the world – and to make a juicer and a blender as common on every kitchen work-surface as a toaster and a kettle.

Jason wasn’t always slim and healthy. In the past he suffered from psoriasis and eczema so extreme that it would cause his skin would crack; he had asthma so severe that on one occasion he was told that he was minutes away from death; and he experienced extreme allergies and hay fever. He was also obese, consuming large amounts of junk food as a self-confessed “burger boy”, frequently drinking up to 14 pints of lager and smoking as many as 60 cigarettes in a day.

“If you can’t eat them… Can you drink them?”
Looking for a cure for his skin, Jason tried many things. But after reading about juicing, and giving it a try, he found the results were amazing. To his surprise everything started getting better! His asthma disappeared within weeks; his skin cleared; and the weight dropped rapidly!

Realizing that this could help other people too, Jason set out on a mission to Juice The World – to encourage as many people as possible to turn their health around using nature where possible.

In 2002 Jason joined forces with Moulinex and their juicers rapidly became the best-selling in the UK. Three years later he was headhunted by Philips to be the face of their range of juicers and blenders in the UK, Europe and a number of countries around the world. Philips soon became, and remained, the best-selling juicer during his endorsement. In 2013 Tristar products approached Jason to be the new Jack LaLanne in the USA. And most recently, in 2015, Jason became a brand ambassador for the cool Retro range of juicers and blenders!




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